Saturday, December 18

Severely Content

Don't know about you... but I eat a lot of oatmeal. Mostly it comes down to the fact that it just works. Quick to put together, tastes yummy and keeps me satisfied for a long time. I have fallen into the habit of microwaving my oats but I think I've figured out how to fix the bowl just so, and thus they don't seem less fluffy than stove top...

I put in part time hours at a popular gym in my town. Not a bad situation as I get a few extra bucks and don't have to pay for a gym membership (and this is a really nice $50/mon health club with the works). Sometimes I curse myself for agreeing to opening the damn place at 7 am on a Saturday morning though. Waking up at 6:30...ish..., throwing on semi-slummy workout gear and not brushing my hair... obviously looking presentable is not my priority. But having 10 minutes to fix my future breakfast and lunchy-like meal is.

I don't know how. But today's oatmeal mixture was the most face-rocking in a while.
Hence this post. Mostly just to remind myself how exactly I did it.

1/3 cup instant oats
1/3 cup skim milk
2/3 cup water
1 banana
1/4 cup peanut flour
dash of salt
couple dashes cinnamon
Tbsp. wheat germ

This mixture sat in the gym fridge for about an hour before I nuked it for 2 minutes.
Stirred in just a glug of vanilla muscle milk (it was there, couldn't resist for some reason) and topped with half a packet of Justin's almond butter.

Doesn't scream particularly fancy compared to other days except for maybe the last two steps? Or maybe I finally figured out the right proportion of peanut flour to oats to liquids...
Whatever it was, my stomach is happy and I'm almost not bummed I'm sitting at the gym watching people elliptical and not sleeping in or rocking a mild hangover.
Oh right, that was part of my logic for taking this shift.

Monday, October 18

oh my effing gosh

I just wrote about how much I want to try making my own pizza dough, and thus make crazy pizzas.

Enter instant inspiration. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Project Foodblog Pizzarama!!!!

I don't even know where to start!!!!


Thanksgiving Pizza... holy moly

Brie, Bacon, Balsamic Fig...

Vacation that I leave on tomorrow, I do love the thought of you and I can't wait to have the chance to finish packing and jettison to the tropics... but I can't wait to get home, carb it up and basically make a new kind of pizza every night.
I will.
It'll be a goal.

Okay. At least one new kind of pizza a week.
You heard it here first!

PS. WHAT what I thinking when I bought a 5 lb. bag of mixed greens ($3.99!!) at the grocery store on Saturday! I'm going to turn green after consuming salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner and perhaps will become greek as I've eaten 32 OUNCES of greek yogurt in 2 days (in between the salads). Oh so fortunate that I'm no lactard. And don't worry, these were crazy awesome doctored-up salads topped with crazy leftovers and alternating with poached eggs. Nom.

Sunday, October 17


I've been keeping a mental list of dishes I want to tackle... things I say to myself I will attempt after I get back from vacation.
Saying to myself "after st.john" is equal parts having something to look forward to after some tropical bliss, and also because I won't be as concerned with what I'm eating as I've been in "bikini mode".

By the way, "bikini mode" is very hard to get into as we transition to sweater weather and I pull my beloved corduroys out. My bedroom is also going CRAZY as I haven't been able to rotate my warm and cold weather wardrobes. I'm looking at November as a month for much needed organization. And apparently, lots of cooking. And what I hope will be a new full time job.
November = Domestication?

And recommitting to this... well blog or whatever you would like to call it. If you would even CALL THAT recommitting.

So because I know the tropical brainwash will cause me to seek out more Caribbean fare post-vacation, I going to use this space as a reminder of new england and fall and everything I want to do before I come home obsessed with rum.

Cooking and Baking Goals

*Pizza dough
*French Onion Soup (lofty goals I tell ya)
*Nut Butter, ie dust off my twice used food processor
*Roasting a chicken
*Developing a boozy frosting that is still fluffy. Science may be against me.
*Shortbread (looofffftyyyyy)
*christmas flavored cupcakes for gifting (omg)

Obviously, I'm beyond stoked to be going to St. John in like 2 days, but I'm also a a tad bummed about missing another gorgeous fall weekend in New Englad. It has been spot on heeyaaa! Conflicting, no? Easy to get over though. I'm going to an island. That is pretty sweet. Maybe this will provide inspiration for an outstanding and unique pairing of something caribbean with something squashy.
Not convinced yet.

Thursday, May 13

You know you read too many "healthy living blogs" when...

When you curse life (or your blender) after a Green Monster fail. Weigh your options... buy new running shoes like planned this weekend, or a Vitamix?
Don't want to waste beloved kale leaves, delicious vanilla protein powder or fresh strawberries so attempt the SIAB.
Choke down said SIAB all the while trying not to think about how much it looks like Spinach Dip or Tzatziki.
EPIC fail.

Picture was too gross, you'd shake your head at me for spooning/sipping/choking it down.

In other news, I need to find a boozey cupcake alternative. Still thinking along the lines of Yummy Treat and Liquor. The people get too full on cupcakes trying to achieve some buzz - and I knowwww I need to cut back on cupcake baking, mama samples way too much.

Ideas? I like jello... but it's not the most transportable.
Shots? Yeah... should probably just stick to shots.

In other OTHER news, I've been obsessed with poached eggs. On top of everything. Last weekend, I went to Bobby Flay's Bar Americain (swwwoooon, love this place) and had a salad with a poached egg on top of half a head of bibb lettuce. Haven't had an egg since, can't be topped.
Need new obsession... oh right, we covered this.

Monday, June 29

They're gonna be Legen.... wait for it.... dary!

Oh me my... margarita cupcakes rock my world!!

Friday's batch were made from MANGO margarita mix, topped with the same "house margarita" icing I used on the strawberry ones. Sigh, just sooo good.

As a strong supporter of balance, I sipped on this baby to keep my fingers out of the icing bowl too too much ; )
Kidz Superfood! Momma like!

Friday night the boy and I had concert plans to see Taking Back Sunday. HE's the fan, not me so he wanted to get there early so there wasn't much time for eating... just beer. Look what I found at the store

Kona Brewing Co. is actually in association with Red Hook Brewery whiiiiich is located in Portsmouth and thus, this awesome Hawaiian beer is actually brewed 2 miles away from me! I more prefer the Longboard Lager but this was pretty tasty!
I also snacked on this and some cheese and crackers.
So fresh and so green, green!

Saturday, I finally made my way to the Portsmouth Farmer's Market for my first time. It's only a 10 minute walk from my house... I totally forgot about this when I bought a ton of produce at Hannaford on Thursday so I didn't buy anything, but ohhh it looked gooooood.

There were several stands selling fresh meats too - chicken, pork, beef, lamb. Very excited to try some organic, local meat sometime!

Some views around my little city : )

One of these days, I'm going to bring my camera along on my harbor run, talk about GORGEOUS and motivating!

Sunday, I headed to my old college town to help my sister out (aww, she followed in my foot steps) and so this was my Sunday night

No worry that it was pouring and didn't feel anything like summer, but gosh was it ever delicious!
To balance it out, this was the quickie brunch I put together at the grocery store

Plusssss a small handful of my sister's Reese's PB Puffs. They definitely added something special to my yogurt! I never did get around to the clif bar though.

I was about to throw together some big, quickie salad for dinner when I saw zuchinni and chicken that needed tending to... it had been awhile since I'd made some "Zughetti" soooooooooooo

I don't have a mandolin, I just diligently sliced a medium zuke into thin strands. Sauteed them in EVOO with lots of chopped garlic and red pepper flakes. Tossed them with spinach, tomato and baked chicken breast.
Paired with two glasses of this guy...

My tum was mighty content!
I was very comfy eating this while watching How I Met Your Mother - gotta love Lifetime on Demand. My "Dear Santa" flannel PJ bottoms might have helped too... it's raining and like 50 degrees in JUNE but they still seemed wildly appropriate

While cleaning up the kitchen, I saw that my roommate had bought some of these!

Whoaaaaa, throwback! I helped myself to two, oh my, I felt like I was 10 again!

A CRUISE brochure came in the mail yesterday, so I'm going to peruse that before bed and hopefully have some sunny, tropical dreams... while rain pitter patters outside my window ; )

Friday, June 26

Keepin' my glass half full

So I was on the verge of getting very bummed out last night. I couldn't make it home in time to register for the Healthy Living Blog Summit in August and it was already sold out by the time I tried at 8:45. Yeahhhh, bummer!

FORTUNATELY, as I decided to walk away from the computer and take a moment, I discovered I received a package. Holllaaaaa, my Amazing Grass arrived.

I had taken advantage of the sweet deal on Jenna's blog and ordered some goodies for myself. I didn't try any last night, but just the thought gave me the extra oomph to hit the gym (weird?).

Actually I was still on a high from my first beach volleyball game! I somehow wound up as one of the captains (hence why I couldn't skip and be home at 8 PM!) and my team is kind of a hodge podge of people plus like 3 I do know. Ahhh sooo fun!!! ESPecially since the freakin SUN decided to come out for once. First sunny afternoon in 2 weeks and we were having fun on the beach - and in Newcastle no less (Portsmouth's shoulder - a very wealthy, beautiful and quaint shoulder).
I also came home to the news about Michael Jackson. "Rock with You" is definitely one of my favorite songs of all time and I have spent other amazing times listening to his music and I know that one of my other favorite artists, Justin Timberlake would not be who he is without the influence of MJ either (among many others!).

I headed down to the gym and ellipticaled while watching the MTV coverage and countless MJ music videos... soooooo good.

Fast forward to this morning when I could finally break out some Amazing Grass!
I wasn't really sure what I wanted so I just threw some things in my blender and hoped it would come out okay.

This ended up being a scoop of Chocolate Amazing Meal, a banana, a handful of kale leaves, peeled fresh ginger, a dash of milk, water and some ice cubes.
I wanted to keep it a little on the light side as today is FRIDAY which means I need to get to baking some MARGARITA cupcakes STAT (I am a crazy batter sampler, ugh), a concert tonight = beer/drinks and then BEACH tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

OH and how crazy is this?

I know, right!
One of my first stops after moving here was Bed, Bath & Beyond of course and it happened to be a brand new store. WELL this location has a fully stocked beauty aisle and when I say fully stocked, I mean FULLY stocked. ANY kind of shampoo, style aid, lotion, make up is there. Anything I have ever thought to be "hard to find" is there. Plus nobody knows about it so some recently discontinued items are still there... I had a friend come visit who was complaining about not being able to find a certain concealer, face cream and hair glaze... so we went to BB&B and they had everything she was looking for PLUS cheaper. You don't even know how much I love this store. The other day I was checking out the goods when I saw they were selling LARABARS for 68 freakin cents!!! Whaaaaatttttttttt. Definitely will be my go-to store for bars now (they have WCMN clif too, drool)

It's looking pretty delightful outside right now so I'm gonna do the cupcake hustle and then get the heck outside before thunderstorms roll in.